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07 February, 2019

UX Trends that Should Dominate in 2019

User experience has been dominating the mobile app world lately. With an increase in the demands of the customers, UX designers have been working diligently to offer the best of the experience to the customers, while they use the mobile apps.

User Experience trends that will dominate in 2019:

Designing for foldable displays

Yes, you heard it right! With technology changing overnight, 2019 will witness the popularity of the foldable display smartphones, dominating the society. UX designers need to brace themselves for the impact and the changing trends of UX designs, following the increase in the use of foldable display smartphones. This calls for the adaption of the hybrid design of UX, for both the views of the foldable display.

Voice controlled UI

With Artificial Intelligence setting it faster than predicted, voice-controlled UI has a significant role to play as a trendsetter, where the user can control the UI and various options with voice, rather than touch. Voice assistance like Alexa, Siri have set the benchmark for voice controlled activities, high which the UI developers need to meet helping the users control the options in the app using voice.

Personalized UI experience

Statistics highlight the fact that more than 33% of the customers abort a business relationship due to the lack of personalization. Catering to the needs of the customers, based on their browsing trends, their social media likings, their preferences, purchase trends, personalized UI experiences are essential to retain the customers.

Geographic and Demographic segmentation

Geographic segmentation refers to the variations in the choice, lifestyle, and preferences of the people based on the country or region where they belong. For example, people in China prefer colorful UI and apps that are playful, whereas American prefer to focus on the functionalities.

Demographic segmentation refers to the segregation based on age. While people belonging to the age group of 18-35 years prefer fun to love colorful apps, loaded with new technology, people of 40 and above age groups like to refrain from fancy apps and prefer simple UI with easy navigation and high functionality.
UX trends in 2019 are likely to give much importance to the demographic and geographic segmentation and ensure that customer’s get the best experiences, based on their age and culture.

Augmented reality

Virtual reality and Augmented reality are two new buzzwords that have been ruling the technology world for quite some time now. While augmented reality is likely to grow in full swing, many big designing firms, beauty salons, fashion brands have brought in augmented reality in their mobile apps such that the customers are able to get a unique experience, using augmented reality.

These UX trends are likely to take the customer’s experience to a whole new level, where the customer gets more than just using a mobile app or a website that has certain functionalities. These trends incorporated by the UX designers will attract the customers towards the app, along with offering personalization, augmented reality, voice control and everything that they have only imagined, not experienced in reality.

Nextbrain studio is a trendsetter and offers a whole new experience of UX designs to the customers, such that they get the best experience while using mobile apps and websites. They craft user experience design with exquisite designs and offers unique experiences to the customers, offering a new outlook to UX design.

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