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16 June, 2023

Challenges & Solutions in Enterprise UX Design

User Experience design is one of the crucial parts of application development. It is a design to satisfy and provide an environment of meaning to the users about a digital or physical product. User experience design always helps to nourish the accessibility, usability, and desirability of the product. Moreover, UX design is playing an integral part in the success of a business. As it has an important role in a product's popularity, enterprise UX design is a challenge. So in this blog, we are discussing some important challenges and solutions in Enterprise UX design.

What is UX Design?

User experience design is the process of creating products that are enjoyable and easy to use for consumers. UX design includes the design of all aspects of the process, including product acquisition and integration, design, branding, ease of use, and functionality of the product.

What is enterprise UX design?

Enterprise UX design is the term used for enterprise product design. Enterprise UX design does not aim at the common people. It focuses only on the employees in the enterprise. To ensure the smooth operation of an organization, the quality of the software and tools used is also very important.

This UX design is specially tailored for HR software, marketing platforms, customer relationship management software, accounting software, and many more. While compared with normal UX design enterprise Ux design is a little more complicated. Each organization has different kinds of needs that should be addressed through the UX design as well.

Challenges and solutions in Enterprise UX Design

As we said before, enterprise UX design is much more challenging than common software UX design. When it comes to the enterprise, perfection is a myth in UX design. There is always something that has to be changed or needs to be improved. Enterprise software always comes with its requirements and demands. So the UX design also should meet that demand.

Getting stuck with a legacy system

When it comes to enterprise UX design, getting stuck with legacy systems is one of the main challenges the designers are facing. For better results in software design, designers have to start from scratch. But this is not the situation in enterprise settings. Therefore designers need to stick to the legacy system. Even now most enterprises are using outdated tools and application programs for development. This also acts as a barrier to the development of an efficient enterprise. Another important legacy system challenge is resistance to change. Enterprises would not want you to change the system so that something works smoothly.

Lack of understanding about the end user

Another important challenge facing UX designers at the enterprise level is the lack of understanding of the end user. When designing a UX part for commercial software or application, the designer can research and understand the requirements of the client. The designer will get a chance to discuss this with the client. But the enterprise UX design is quite different. Enterprise software is not directly meant to increase revenue generation, but to increase the productivity of the employees. The ideal UX design policies and end user's requirements will always clash with the company’s view on how to improve productivity. Enterprise bureaucracy will also be a challenge for designers. When working in a big enterprise, to get approval for the design from concerned authorities, it needs to pass so many levels of discussions and scrutiny.

Feature-centric thinking

User experience is always intangible. So there is no defined way or system to measure the user experience for the designers or enterprise owners. So while designing UX parts for the enterprise software the thinking becomes automatically focusing on the features. Even after the software is rich with features, the users do not accept it. There is something wrong with the features. This problem will prevent the development of a good UX design.

Users do not want to take risk

To get the supermost result the User Experience design needs to take some kind of challenges. But in enterprise UX design, taking challenges or doing experiments will create some problems. Without knowing the final result, doing experiments will be a problem in large enterprises. If the outcome gives wrong results, a large number of employees may lose their jobs. This will be an unwanted outcome. In this situation, the middle managers are getting more pressure than anyone. The middle manager is answerable to both employees under him/her and higher managers simultaneously. Obviously, in this situation, the middle manager will choose the safer side.

Providing little choice for the users

A good UX design has to meet all the requirements of the users. Giving every kind of feature to the users will often lead to the creation of a lot of features. While it might not seem to be an issue at first glance. But creating more features requires development and design, time, and budget. Moreover, excess feature maintenance is also a hectic task in the future.


Understanding the user experience of the existing system is the best way to overcome the legacy situation. Once the designer has solved the existing system, he/she will get enough trust from the company to change the entire system.

Conducting meetings with small groups is a good solution for understanding the end user requirement. In this way, company executives and designers would find what the end user needs.

Using the MVP model is the best way to eliminate feature-centric thinking. Where the designer can design the UX, then according to the response and feedback from the users you can add more features. In this way, the designer can ensure the balance between features and UX design.

Rather than conducting conferences, designing workshops is the best solution for creating awareness about the importance of UX design among higher managers. It will help to create an understanding of the importance of design and creative thinking. UX design workshops will be the collaboration between designers, developers, and design executives. This will give the confidence users to take challenges.

To overcome the limitation of choice in features, the designer can seek approval from the concerned authority for every added feature. Besides the designer has to analyze themselves is there any sense in adding more features to the software. If the features are not useful, without hurting the usability and entire performance of the software the designer can remove the features. This will be the best solution to overcome the drawbacks.


The enterprise UX design industry is increasing day by day. Organizations are looking to improve their efficiency through more specialized tools. This is the main reason behind the growing demand for enterprise UX design. There are many other challenges as an enterprise UX designer will face in his/her enterprise UX designing process. The main reason for these challenges is the mysterious process behind UX design. Usually, enterprise UX design is more conservative in approach. But the designing experts in Nextbrain Studio can give you efficient Enterprise UX design with creative thinking. The future of enterprise design is quite promising. So new concepts and creativity will help to improve the performance and productivity of the enterprise.

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