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#44, 2nd floor, 1st cross, 2nd main, Prashanth extension, Bangalore - 560066. +91 9952493995


101 Gillespie Dr, Franklin, Nashville Area, TN - 37067 +1 602 910 4533

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23 June, 2020

What is the significance of UX design for e-commerce business?

Today, it is very common to use an e-commerce website or app to order products online. Most of the customers who visit e-commerce websites spend on the website to buy products due to good UX design. In the present digital era, your primary goal should be to give the customers better user experience.

UI UX Design Studio in Bangalore

UX for e-commerce design

UI/UX design plays a key role in the eCommerce business. In order to design effective e-commerce websites or mobile apps, designers need to consider the below factors.

  • Strong branding and promotion
  • Efficient usage of visual elements
  • Security of customer data
  • Clear presentation of data via catalogues, menus
  • Customers ability to leave feedback about the products
  • Optimize the user experience to increase revenue

Brings customer loyalty

According to Marketing Metrics, to sell a product to an existing customer is 60% to 70% and to sell the product to a new customer is 5% to 20%. E-commerce businesses should offer consistent value to their customers to motivate them to keep coming back to their website. It’s an easy couple of steps to do business with an existing customer. The User Experience (UX) design is done in such a way that customers can easily know how the website works, easily know about the payment methods, and explore new products and services easily. It is highly beneficial for a business if it can increase your website visibility, customize your products to meet end-user’s requirements.

Ecommerce businesses should offer the customers a shopping experience which is comfortable and user-friendly rather than making the shoppers get confused. To revamp your business, creating a better UX is a perfect step, which makes brand awareness and customer loyalty possible. 

Branding and promotion

For any e-commerce business, mobile applications and websites are created with a great UX design so that the promotion can be done easily. The mobile apps are created with a certain UX strategy and business plans to grab the customers attention. So the design for these products will start much before the first real line appears on the screen or paper.

Know your Target audience

From the initial stage of the project, it’s important to set who your buyers are.  Get to know their potential problems, age and culture, habits, level of tech literacy and how much they trust about online shopping, the social circles influencing them and many other factors. All the information helps the designers to be more precise in creating a design for a website or mobile application successfully.

Marketing and sales channels

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to set everything for selling and promoting the future product immediately. Effective business planning supports the design team to support and track the consistent experience. Designers take an active part in strengthening sales and marketing through a wide variety of means from landing pages, branded items, product videos, photos to exclusive posters and banners to attract customers to buy the products.

Better UX design to increase ROI

In order to make the best business decisions, you must have a clear idea about what your customers need and how you can help them to achieve their goals efficiently. Good Ui UX design is a crucial component for the overall success of the business in an eCommerce field. The online presence will benefit any business and increase its sales. When your users are satisfied with the products, then you will find repeatable customers and can make your business more profitable. 


As there is a huge competition, every customer is valuable in the e-commerce business. Customers look at the website and decide within 10 to 20 seconds whether to stay on the website or not. UX design makes sure that the customers find what they want and supports you in increasing the overall conversion rate. According to the statistics, UX design can attract many customers and helps in getting higher ROI. It is better to spend more on the UX design than on the advertising as it helps in getting better results.


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